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Hello again! This week I wrote a free-flow-of-consciousness poem entitled “Leap”. Enjoy my flow of consciousness and take from it what you want and leave what you don’t.



Leap for your dreams!

There is limited time here in this form

Take your chance!

Do what you want to do in life!

Let go of your fears

Let go of self-doubt

Let go of your conditioning

Let it all go!


Our end is inevitable

Take hold of your passion

Be creative

Be courageous

Be loving

Be kind

Be wild and free!

In moments of doubt

Think of death

In moments of fear

Think of death

In moments of anger

Think of death

Be in the moment, know you will die, let go, and…


As Earth turns on its axis

Look up

Connect with the infinite

Rid yourself of doubt

Shed the ancestorial trauma of fear

Embrace the cloak of love

Let your soul dust radiate

Leap into the unknown

Shift your perspective

Open your mind

Open your heart

See with your being

That you are your neighbor

You are the prisoner

You are the children

You are one with them all and infinity, so leap!

In the valley of your mind

Is fertile soil

Plant the seed of love

Weed, day in and day out

So love can spread

So fear can vanish

Plant your love on the banks of hope

Leap into its waters

Leap for yourself

Leap for your family

Leap for your pets

Leap for your friends

Leap for your neighbors

Leap for your town

Leap for your country

Leap for the World!

Leap and plunge into your true passion

Be authentic with your soul

Never settle out of comfort

Never settle out of obligation

Never settle out of fear

You are the commander of your life!

You are unique, you are special!

Your time is limited, so LEAP!!!


I hope you enjoyed this leap of a post :) The moral of this poem is that life is such a beautiful gift and that you as an individual are such an amazing and unique blessing to the world. Act now! Be the person you envision yourself being and do what makes you feel alive because life in this physical existence is limited.

Take the LEAP!

Till next time!

This is Julian with Noonday Star Coaching

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