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(All Coaching Services are provided remotely)


"Total Transformation" and "Rewire/Refocus" Discovery Sessions

These free initial sessions are designed to provide clarity and direction.


  • You will understand what you want

  • You will know what is stopping you from having what you want 

  • You will be inspired to take action


Total Transformation:
Mind, Body, Soul
12-week Intensive

This immersive coaching program provides:

  • Increased focus and energy

  • Inspiration and guidance

  • Elevated consciousness

  • Increased mind/body connection

  • Decreased anxiety

  • Better mood

  • A purpose

  • Fuel toward obtaining your wildest dreams!


3-week Retreat

This focus-driven coaching program will:

  • Help you connect with your inner wisdom

  • Give you clarity in life and its direction

  • Provide you with a voice

  • Help you attract more of what you want

  • Deepen your personal experience with life

  • Build confidence

  • Lower anxiety

Intuitive Massage

Rates: 1 hr $90 | 1.5 hr $125 | 2 hr $160

Your intuitive massage will provide:

  • Relaxation

  • Deep tissue massage as needed

  • Lymphatic massage

  • Energy work

  • Bodywork

  • Stress reduction

  • Pain management

Massage will be personally designed to meet your health and wellness needs

Call or Text: 831-461-4174

Tropical Plant

Payment Options:

Clicking the options listed will send you to the corresponding website I use for receiving payment. Send to the name listed on the left side of each button.  Thank You!

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