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I would like to talk about something important here. Something that is precious. Something that is vital. Something that is often wasted. Something that is dear. Something that must be relished. That something…TIME.

Our physical lives are limited. The “time” we have on this planet as we know it will end at some point along our journey here and time is a constant reminder of this fact. Human beings are an awesome physical representation of time. From birth to death one can visualize time on the face of every human on planet Earth. With that said, I have a question to ask. Why are so many of us on this planet doing things we do not enjoy doing and why are we not living our highest potentials with the knowledge that it will all end one day?

Wasting time is wasting life.

How do you start using time to your benefit? Well, let it go. Live without time restrictions, especially when relaxing or spending time with loved ones. It’s not realistic to lose touch with time altogether, but making a conscious effort each day to make time to forget about time is crucial.

Try it out on your weekend. Hold back the urge to look at your watch or phone and let the day play out without the stress of the mechanical man-made version of time. Use nature as your cue. It is far more relaxing. You may even find that you are more productive.

Now, here are three easy steps to make time your friend:

1) Let go

2) Go with the flow

3) Do what you feel you should do

These steps are simple yet effective if implemented throughout one’s day.

Now I will end with a piece of writing I created in the 8th grade entitled “Geometry of Life”


Geometry of Life

By Julian DeWees

The wrapping silk of a spider’s spinnerets winds themselves about an ill-prepared fool. Silently gagging, silently wishing. Wishing that time could be un-spun. Unlike the intricate silk or the fool, time is not tasted. Having no end or beginning to see, we perceive time to be nothing more, than lines on our faces. Time, life, and experience are shadowed by the inevitable: The reaping of our bodies ragged and cold.

Turning to comfort within religions, culture, leisure, travel, and wishing for a place beyond this one. Though that is for the end, where lay the now and middle? The spider’s web confusing, winding, and geometrically designed holds up diamonds of morning dew where warm light may dance. Within the center dances a spider and a fool. Time has not un-spun. Spinning past the life that has been taken. Then floats in space for a glimpse of another whose life is now thriving.

When met with the inevitable, what our minds perceive as time’s end, knowing, loving, and remembering the beauty we have spun and left behind for future minds to unravel. So then in silence, we can whisper a wish that our web will be seen as pure silk. Perfect in geometry.


Well, hope you had a good “time” reading this post :) The takeaway here is that time is precious and that your relationship with nature's laid-back version of time will assist you in being more productive and truer to yourself.

Take care!

Till next time!

This is Julian from Noonday Star Coaching

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