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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Hello again! There are so many things to talk about in relation to our lives, but one topic of interest popped into my head while thinking of the post I am now writing. That topic is ACTION.

We are human beings in an energetic experience within a physical existence. At the core we are energy, but our presentation is physical.

Action is the process of manipulating our energetic fields such as thoughts and feelings into focused beams of attention so that when physical action is made it is made with a conscious purpose. Taking purposeful action is one of the keys to manifesting your wildest dreams.

Actions are useless when taken from an unconscious energy field. For example, if someone finally takes action to get a massage on the weekend, but only does the action of going to get a massage they will miss out. Let’s say they arrive at the spa thinking of their taxes, the mortgage they must make, and a myriad of other insignificant concerns. They receive the massage and are totally unconscious of the benefits of genuinely relaxing. In other words, they acted but were checked out of the experience, thus defeating the purpose of the massage. Are you following me?

On the flip side, say the above individual booked their massage and upon doing so made a conscious decision to relax and set their intentions for relaxation on the build-up to and on the day of their massage. They arrive at the spa with a calm mind and are set on receiving the relaxing touch of massage. When receiving their massage, they are present and can sense areas of tension in their body so they can communicate this to the massage therapist, enrichening the experience. With purposeful action, this person gained a very relaxing and healing experience which added to the quality of their life. See the difference?

Actions taken with purpose are actions backed by consciousness. When you choose to be conscious of your actions you get to fuel your actions with focused thoughts, emotions, and feelings which then strengthen the actions taken tenfold. In other words, purposeful actions done with consciousness will get you closer to what you want out of life. We all want a rich and meaningful life filled with purpose, right? Guess what? All our actions in life compound over time creating the very fabric of our life experience. If you live a life unconsciously acting without purpose you may wake up one day, look around and say, “How the heck did I get here?!”

Next time you are going to take an action toward something big or small check in with yourself to see what energy is backing your potential action. Is it unconscious energies stemming from obligation, guilt, irritability, fear, hate, annoyance, or any other negative energy or feeling of counterproductivity? If so, refocus on what you do want to accomplish with your actions and find a place where you can act with conscious joy, gratitude, inspiration, grace, peace, love, or any other positive energy that bolsters productivity.

You are the master and commander of your path and the actions you take are only as powerful as the thoughts and energy that back them. So, take the time to notice your energy. When you are physically acting in this physical experience slow down and refocus when you notice you are drifting on an unconscious tide of automated actions. Take control! You can do it! Act now! Or forever hold your peace.

Well, folks I took purposeful action and wrote another post! I hope it made sense and was enjoyable as well as inspiring :) The takeaway here is that our actions are only as powerful as the energy backing them. You are in control.

Take care,

Live a purposeful life!

This is Julian with Noonday Star Coaching

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