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At the Brink of Something Spectacular

At the brink.  At the brink of something spectacular! This is something that can give life a mighty spark.


Have you ever felt that you were on the brink of something amazing?


The feeling is palpable on all levels.


The hairs on your body stand on end and the goose bumps send shivers up and down your spine. 


Sometimes this feeling of being on the brink of something great represents a shift in your life path. 


It may even be the energy needed to face a fear or leap into the unknown.


When you are on the brink of something spectacular there may be some very powerful emotions involved. They may have you question everything.  They may even make you do things you would have never imagined yourself doing. 


The energy that culminates at the brink of greatness is the energy that will propel you into your true self.  Your authentic self. 


It is hard to express the energy I am writing about, so it’s poem time!



At the brink of something spectacular

Where the unknown is alluring

Where the path takes turns of excitement

At moments notice

At a time that stands still

Where reality melds with fantasy

Where life turns a corner

At the brink of something spectacular



Well, even with a poem it’s still hard to express this feeling. What I do know is that if you have ever been on the verge of completing a huge task or accomplishing something great, you will know what this feeling is. 


I hope you enjoyed this spectacular post :) The takeaway here is that whenever you are on the brink of something spectacular, take that energy and do great things with it. 


Also, remember that you are AWESOME!


Till next time!


This is Julian with Noonday Star Coaching

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