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Dreams Require FOCUS so They May One Day Enter The Realm of Reality

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between those who live their dreams and those who don’t? Well, the difference is FOCUS. Those who make their dreams a reality prioritize actions and modify their daily choices in a way that focuses their energy on the goal of living their dreams. Those who don’t end up living their dreams put off the actions needed to make their dreams a reality and make daily choices that often lead them further away from their dreams. I call this the “loop of unfulfillment” and it is extremely frustrating when you get stuck in this loop. How do you get out of this loop? What are you going to expect when you take control of your destiny? What will it feel like to have FOCUS? What will you experience when you start truly living your dreams?

To begin, let’s break free from the loop of unfulfillment.

Breaking free is extremely uncomfortable because the loop of unfulfillment is often a large aspect of your current life. For example, your job or profession. Your job or profession requires a great deal of energy, often 40 plus hours a week of it. Unfortunately, this energy is often only being put into “just making ends meet” which dampens or snuffs dreams of a better life.

Now, there is a lot of fear involved in breaking the loop. So, brainstorm ways to break free in small but consistent ways so that you don’t do something rash like quit your job without having a backup plan. Sit down and figure out exactly what it is that you want. What is your dream and what is it that you can start doing today that will get you closer to living that dream? In other words, break the loop of unfulfillment by tapping into your dreams, focusing in on what you want, and then choosing an action you can implement now that will assist you in getting where you want to be.

Next, let’s go over what you may expect when you take control of your destiny.

This is a big one! When you have the realization that you and only you are in control of your destiny you may experience a mix of things. You may feel angry, frustrated, and intimidated by the fact that you are the only deciding factor in the outcome of the entirety of your own life. Wow! Do you really have that much control and power? Yes!! When you finally take control of your destiny you will finally take hold of your personal POWER which will give you the confidence and drive to FOCUS on what is valuable to you in your life. Simply, amazing!

Now, when you have true FOCUS, you will feel great!

Focus is the driving force behind the actualization of your wildest dreams. Wthout focus you may as well be a balloon that has been inflated then released to fly about aimlessly bouncing from one thing to the next eventually coming to an abrupt stop, deflated and sad. It may be fun at first, but you will never get to where you want to be. Focus gives you purpose. Focus gives you drive. Focus gives you direction. Focus is at the forefront of progress. Focus makes you feel great! When you know what your dreams are, stay focused and keep doing the steps needed to make your dreams a reality. Think of the story of “the tortoise and the hare” and be like the tortoise, focused and ever consistent. With true focus you can even make the impossible possible.

There will then come a time when you look around and realize you are living your dreams!

When you begin harvesting all your hard work of breaking the unfulfillment loop, taking control of your destiny, and generating laser focus toward obtaining your dreams, your dreams will simply and inevitably manifest into reality right before your eyes. It sounds a little like magic, but it is just how it works. You receive that what you give energy to. So, if you are consistently giving energy to what you want out of life, that is exactly what you will get! You will feel fulfilled, energized, and amazed with your life! Also, the realization that life is continually evolving, growing, and changing will add but more fuel to your continued success! When you are living your dreams, you can find beauty in the mundane and purpose in each action in each moment of every day. You will smile and embrace life’s challenges with confidence and unwavering FOCUS knowing that YOU and only YOU can turn this life into something YOU LOVE.


You can change your life! You can break free from the “loop of unfulfillment”. You can “take control of your destiny”. You can conjure laser FOCUS toward obtaining your dreams. You can make your wildest dreams a reality!

Well, hope you enjoyed my focused commitment to writing new blog posts :) The moral of the story is that if you want to live your dreams you need to change things that are holding you back. Get out of your “loop of unfulfillment”, take control of your destiny, focus on your dream and the steps needed to get there, and finally, live your wildest dreams!

Take care!

Live a purposeful life!

Till next time!

This is Julian with Noonday Star Coaching

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