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Freedom is but One Thought Away

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

I want to talk to you this week about something powerful and creative! That something is Freedom! There are so many pathways one can take in this life when truly free! The truth about freedom is that it is an all-encompassing energy that spans the entirety of this human experience. We are all born free regardless of circumstances. I say this because freedom is our birthright and a state of mind. The most powerful prison known to humankind is that of the mind. This fact is why “freedom seekers” AKA “Humans” everywhere need to know the importance of understanding thought patterns.

What are your thoughts like from moment to moment? Do they promote freedom or do they promote feelings of entrapment or imprisonment?

As you think about what it is you think about daily, I’d like to bring attention to the endless beauty that surrounds you in this physical representation of freedom…Planet Earth. It blows me away when I look up into the sky on a stary night or into the deep gray of a rainy day and breathe in. The very fact that I can breathe at all and experience the abundance that is this life amazes me!

This feels like poetry…

Breathe in Breathe out Look up Look out

The sky can be gray The sky can be clear The sun shining Or stars, billions, winking

Breathe in Breathe out Look up & look out Now, hold your breath & look inward

Tangential poetic segue into the next segment of this post :)

The poem above is just a small representation of freedom. Did I have to write a poem? No, but I wanted to and made the conscious choice to do so. Freedom! Freedom is a choice. Even in situations of physical imprisonment. One always has the choice to be free. Using the mind as a tool of freedom is paramount. The mind can make drastic changes to your internal environment, your external environment, and the energetic environments. The mind is powerful, and it can literally create heaven or hell on Earth! What do you Choose? Below is a quote from “A New Beginning II” by Jerry and Esther Hicks, 1996:

You get what you get because of the thoughts that you think and the corresponding feelings offered in the moment of your thoughts. Those impulses of thoughts – that are carried on a sort of Non-physical current, not so different from the current you have harnessed as electricity – are magnetic, and through a powerful polarity, you draw to you, circumstances and events that equal your life experience.” (p. 78-79)

Have you ever noticed that when you feel good and your thoughts lift you up that the day is brighter and interactions with people deeper? It is what you attract to you through the freedom of your thoughts that dictates the direction of each waking moment. This is powerful stuff! I find it to be anyway, but that’s me. I urge you to know that I am a geek about personal growth, so I am totally biased :) Read everything analytically and with an open mind and you may come to something new that was never there before. That’s a good topic! “Open Mindedness”. I’ll probably write about that next week, or maybe I won’t. Freedom!

Well, the moral of this story is that Freedom is a mindset and that no one or no circumstance can ever take your personal Freedom from you. Freedom is but one thought away. This may be hard at first to wrap your mind around, but if you keep wrapping something marvelous may come of it.

Hope you enjoyed this mind-nugget of a post!

Till next time!

This is Julian at NoondayStarCoaching


Hicks, J., & Hicks, E. (1996). A New Beginning II: A personal handbook to enhance your life, Liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Abraham-Hicks Publications.

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