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Give Birth to your Wildest Dreams!

Life is a gift!

I welcomed my second child into the world last month within the comfort of our own home, and it was pure magic!

Anyone who has ever witnessed the birth of their child, or the birth of their wildest dreams will tell you that it is like nothing else.

Bringing a child into this world is magic, but it is not the only way to experience this almost inexplainable feeling. That is why I included “giving birth to your wildest dreams” as an energetically similar experience.

How often have you met someone who is truly living their wildest dreams? Probably not that often. Let’s utilize the idea of birth in a new way. For example, we are constantly giving birth to new ideas, thoughts, fears, goals, ambitions, doubts, dreams, and countless other aspects of the life continuum.

Like a newborn, after being birthed into the world these ideas and dreams must be nurtured to grow stronger. Often our dreams are born with a twin named “fear” or “doubt”. Who will you nurture and allow to grow stronger? Your FEARS and DOUBTS? Or your DREAMS?

That which you nurture will grow, so pay close attention to where your thoughts take you as you give birth to your wildest dreams. Do they nurture or do they smother?

The healthy growth and maturation of your dreams require nurturing daily.

3 simple ways of doing this are:

1) Visualization: visualization can be as simple as imagining your goal or dream as being a reality now and seeing it as if it were fully developed and accomplished.

2) Mantra: This is a powerful tool that enables you to nurture your dreams with a phrase or word that you can say out loud or within yourself throughout the day that feeds positive energy to you as well as to the dreams you plan to manifest.

3) Action: Action is the physical step fueled by internal work that will bring you physically closer to your goals. They do not have to be huge steps either. They can be as simple as taking a 5-minute walk with a friend if your dream is to become more physically active or writing one sentence a day if you want to write a book. Whatever your dream may be, act from a place of joy.

Well, hope you enjoyed this freshly born post! The takeaway here is that birth is a beautiful thing, and that beauty needs nourishment to thrive. Be sure to nourish your dreams and use fears as a guide as to where your energy should go. Feed fear and you will fall into stagnation. Feed your wildest dreams and you will act from a place of joy.

Till next time!

This is Julian from Noonday Star Coaching

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