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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! You may or may not partake in this event, but regardless of that, the energy of this wild day is obvious. The “energy” is different! People get to dress up and be something creepy, wild, or cute for an evening. The childlike play, level of imagination, and magic of Halloween are why I think so many people look forward to it each year. Being something you’re not, is fun! Now, let’s look at this from a personal growth perspective.

How can we make being yourself as fun as being something you’re not?

Being authentic is difficult, so I think when people don costumes, they can act in ways that they wish they could in everyday life. Maybe your potential self is the person you are when you dress up as a goofy clown and go skipping down the street on a cool Halloween night. We are all a little crazy and need to express that craziness. Halloween is a great time to do that. The trick, not treat, is the incorporation of this fun playful energy of Halloween into everyday life. Laughing more and smiling more is one way to do this because when you laugh and smile often, life begins to be more fun :)

Smile more and laugh more. Being yourself can be just as fun as being that crazy clown on Halloween! I personally can be a wild goofball, but I often don a serious and professional persona while working within society as a nurse, massage therapist, or coach. With practice though, my authentic wild side is being unleashed so that others can benefit from the energy. I think we can all benefit from the energy of Halloween even if you don’t care much for it, the energy is FUN! “It’s all about the energy, nothing else matters” – AK.

How can we make being yourself as fun as being something you’re not? The answer is to cultivate more smiles and laughter in your life. When you can authentically smile and laugh at everyday occurrences, simple things in life can then turn into simple joys that feed you and enrich your life.

Have fun and be safe this Halloween!

I hope you enjoyed this “treat” of a post! The gist of the message here is that being yourself can be just as fun as being a clown for Halloween. Try to laugh and smile more so the little moments in life can be joyful moments.

Be authentic!

Till next time!

This is Julian with Noonday Star Coaching

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1 Comment

Oct 31, 2023

It really is all about the energy!! See you soon!!

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