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Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Healing. It is such a powerful word. When you hear that someone is healing it gives you hope. Healing signifies a transition from disharmony back to a place of harmony.

True healing is a lifelong journey.

Today I will share my ideas of Mind/Body/Soul healing. I will explain it from the perspective I have gained over the years here on planet Earth as a human being and as a human being who has worked many years as a nurse and massage therapist.

Enjoy this post I have written on holistic healing of the Mind, Body, and Soul.


Healing the mind is one of the keystone areas to heal. When the mind is unhealthy, the body is not healthy, and the soul will lack its primal luster. Over many years working with people as a nurse I have assessed that the most essential component to healing was the mindset of the patient.

I have assisted many people in healing gaping wounds from surgical errors and infections and those who healed best were those who were open-minded or became open-minded due to their circumstances. How does an open mind assist in healing? Well, to heal anything, you must have an open mind. Being too rigid prevents the free flow of thought needed to obtain the correct treatment regimen or the flexibility to change old habits that may be slowing or preventing healing from taking place.

Now, back to the mind and the healing of it. Building on the end of the last paragraph, what are your habitual thoughts? Do they serve you well? Do they hold you back? How often in the day do you have negative thoughts about yourself or others? Are you willing to take the time needed to break the ridged thought cycle that is preventing you from healing?

Just to clarify, when I say HEALING, I am not only referring to healing from an obvious wound or illness, but I am also talking about deep healing at the psychological, emotional, ancestorial, molecular, genetic, energetic, and spiritual levels.

Where was I? Oh yes, healing the mind means breaking old habitual thoughts that are negative. How do you do this? With mindfulness. What the F@#K is Mindfulness!? It is being in the NOW, alert and aware of your thoughts, body, and environment. It is true presence. When present you can detect the patterns of your mind. Then, slowly with enhanced awareness, you may have enough time to switch thoughts if you notice a negative thought process creeping in. You can build mindfulness by focusing on your breath patterns as often as possible throughout the day.

One breath at a time can clear negative thoughts, yours, and mine. Let’s heal our minds one thought and breath at a time!


The body is next. The body is the vessel of our soul. It houses our pure nature. It houses our potential as human beings. Within our bodies are complex systems that move blood, lymph, digestive juices, waste, and electrical impulses in such an effortless way that our experience may often feel like a dream. Our physical existence requires no thought. But, our body craves our thoughts. Our bodies crave our attention. Our body is alive and in need of our mindful care.

As a massage therapist, I have witnessed first-hand the healing power of the body. The body stores memories and past traumas. This energy sometimes becomes balled up and can cause physical pain. Massage and many other hands-on modalities can help people become more aware of their physical being bridging the gap between the mind and the body.

Awareness is key here. I have had clients break down in tears by simply placing my hands on areas that were holding on to trauma. Bringing attention to these areas is healing. As this balled-up energy is released there is often an emotional release associated with it. Powerful stuff!

The body is a valuable tool that can be used to heal holistically, but the mind/body connection must be there for there to be lasting results.

I urge you to take time out of the day for your body. Exercise, drink clean water, eat plenty of vegetables, breathe fresh air, spend time in nature, and lastly bring awareness to areas in your body that are uncomfortable and act. Get a massage, get acupuncture, see a chiropractor, go to the doctor, and do it all with positivity and the knowledge that you are caring for your body. You deserve to feel whole and well!


The soul is pure. It enjoys life immensely! At the core of us all is this vital energy, or soul that can only be expressed to its full potential through us. The soul does not need healing, but when it is forgotten or housed within a vessel that is in physical, emotional, spiritual, or psychological turmoil its light grows dim. Remember that you have a soul. Connect with the energy that unites us all, your soul! or whatever you want to call it. It is there and it has been a topic of discussion since the beginning of humankind. The soul heals when you remember it. Each day is an opportunity to radiate your soul’s beauty through your mind and body. Express your soul potential through your thoughts and actions and always remember to be loving and kind to all.


Well, hope you enjoyed this healing post :) Remember that these posts are just my thoughts and are not intended to replace your own regarding this topic or any topic I write about. This post is more a reminder to me and those who connect with it that healing is holistic, and it requires an Open Mind, Body Awareness, and Remembrance of the Soul.

Let your soul shine!

Till next time!

This is Julian with Noonday Star Coaching

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1 comentário

11 de set. de 2023

Another great reminder. I enjoy your prompting us to revisit our inner being. Remember the saying "human doing or human being", something like that. We all often get caught up in the "doing" and forget about the "being". On another note, look at the fifth paragraph of the "Mind" discussion. It should read "it is true presence", not presents. Unless you are referring to your presence as, a present. A minor detail but important. Thanks Julian for your efforts. You make the family proud.

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