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Higher Self

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Today I would like to share a poem I have written in a book that has yet to be published. The poem is entitled "Higher Self". Enjoy!


Higher Self

It is a calling

A voice inside you

To do and be the truth

And the truth is Love

Your higher self is who you truly are

At the core of your being

Is a beam of light

A golden flash that is brimming with potential

You are, all of you, all of us are

Pure energy in nature’s form

Waiting to be expressed through your higher self

Where dreams can manifest into reality

The world is energy

Every plant, animal, person, insect, thought, you name it

Is energy

All of it is energy

It’s all about the energy, nothing else matters!

The most profoundly true statement ever to escape one's lips

You are energy

You are limitless potential

Your higher self is this energy of endless possibilities

Where peace is found

Where joy is found

Where you are found

You are powerful

You are evolving

Because you can decide who you want to be

Higher or lower?

No one wants to be lower!

Your higher self is calling

It is time to answer that call

Starting with your thoughts

What you think ultimately drives you

Then your feelings

Then your emotions

Then your actions

Live your life to its fullest!

There is no other way

Be kind, be loving

Be your higher self!

What is your higher self you ask?

It is everything good you could ever wish for

It is your God potential

Your link to infinity

It is you at your raw energetic core

Breathing life into life

Living through living

Loving through loving

To be in a state of bliss

Where your true nature is free

To embrace what is unknown

And to face fears with compassion

Your higher self is magnificent!

It is bright!

It is fun!

It is Love!

No one is better than anyone

No one is stronger

No one is smarter

We are all energy

An expression of energy

Let yourself free

Let yourself be

Let yourself see

You are, pure energy!


Hope you enjoyed this passionate poem! The moral of this poem is that we are all amazing and that our potential is infinite.

Take care!

Till next time!

This is Julian with Noonday Star Coaching

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