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New Promotion! It's time to RELAX!

I have written about the importance of relaxation in previous posts but the ability to relax is truly an art form that deserves to be mentioned again.

One of the keys to a happy and productive life is making it a priority to relax. How often do we find ourselves in a truly relaxed state? Ocasionally? Irratically? Never?

Whatever your level of relaxation is, capture those moments and hold them close because when your mind and body are relaxed the soul radiates allowing healing to take place.

Scientifically speaking, when you are relaxed, your sympathetic nervous system in charge of fight, flight, or freeze responses is shut off. Your parasympathetic nervous system is activated allowing for crucial functions in your body such as digestion and regeneration of vital tissues to occur and in the mind, new neurological pathways are built aiding in the fascinating processes of neuroplasticity and neurogenisis.

Hope you find this post as an inspiration for your relaxation :) The takeaway here is that Relaxation is not only good for your mind and body, but it allows your soul to shine its light on all aspects of your life.

Till next time!

This is Julian with Noonday Star Coaching

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1 commentaire

29 avr.

Good to see you again here Julian. All the best for you and your growing family. Love to all!

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