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Patience is a Word Worth Living by

Have you ever found yourself antsy about some future goal or event? Do you find yourself daydreaming about a future you or future career or future life? If you have said yes to either or both questions, I’d like to point out that all this antsy business and daydreaming is energy being drained from the ever-so-beautiful present moment!

Your present state of being is in fact a glimpse of your future. If you are antsy to get to some goal or daydreaming about a beautiful life in the future, you will be doing the same thing once you reach your goals regardless of how beautiful or successful the life you have made for yourself is. Once the goal has been achieved, on to the next thing! Once the life of your dreams becomes a reality, start daydreaming about the next best life! It is a vicious cycle and common in this human experience. Being in the journey present and patient is the only way to truly reap the fruits of your labor because if you are living in the future who is living in your now?!

You have probably been told to be this all your life, but it was never really shone to you. This thing is PATIENCE. Patience is a word parents like to use all the time but rarely show through action. As a species we are impatient. We have been programmed to get what we need to survive as quickly and as easily as we can. That’s one of the reasons fast food industries thrive! We all still have this primal programming that urges us to obtain food and things in the quickest and most effortless way and somehow this programming has bled into almost every aspect of our lives.

We humans are special though because we have a highly adaptive brain and a “prefrontal cortex” that can implement free will. We don’t only run off instinct like many animals do, we get to choose! We are in control of what we do and think! We get to decide if we will be antsy, daydream, or be patient and present with the beautiful now.

How do you become more patient? With practice. How do you practice? By slowing down. How do you slow down? Start by breathing consciously, slowly in and slowly out.

This is a very simplified solution to our impatient condition, but it is a first step to truly living in the beautiful present so that when your dreams become a reality you can live in them and feel it all within the blissful now.

Being patient does not mean you have to clear out every dream or antsy feeling though. It is totally okay to have daydreams and to feel antsy at times, it is normal, but remembering to return to the patient and beautiful now is where your best life is. Getting caught up in the dream can send you adrift in the clouds. Poke your head up there and be inspired briefly by the dream, then set your feet back on the welcome earth and live!

Well, hope you enjoyed this post on patience. The takeaway is that life is full of dreams and goals, but being lost in those dreams and goals can rob you of the present moment. Slowing down and implementing patience with the process and having presents in the life you are currently living will ultimately make your journey in life much richer.

Take care, everyone!

Till next time!

This is Julian from Noonday Star Coaching

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