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Reflect and be Grateful

The New Year is upon us! During this time, it is important to reflect on the previous year. This reflection period is a place within your mind where you can observe and revisit the past events and realizations that have helped shape who you are and where you are today.


This reflection of the previous year is important.  Acknowledging what you have overcome or learned last year assists in the solidification of your internal wisdom which compounds throughout this life journey.


If you sit down and take the time to reflect you may surprise yourself with how much you've accomplished.  Even minor accomplishments like making your bed every morning or remembering to water your plants add up over time aiding in your maturation and growth as a human being.    


As you near the end of your reflection, remember to be grateful for the many experiences and lessons that have blessed you up to this point.  Gratitude goes a long way.  Be grateful for all your past experiences “good” or “bad”.  They are all lessons.  They all hold the potential to elevate your consciousness, your energetic frequency, and your ultimate evolution. 


To help you in this reflection process, I have developed a few simple steps to facilitate a powerful reflection process. 


Reflection Practice Begin (Breathe and Smile)

(Pre-reflection: Breathe in and out slowly and rhythmically setting your intentions)


Step 1: Write at least 3 experiences down on a piece of paper that were significant last year.

Step 2: Under each experience write down what lessons or growth developed because of each specific event or experience.

Step 3: Show gratitude for each experience or lesson of last year by writing out specifically what it is you are grateful for.


(Post-reflection: Breathe in and out slowly and rhythmically, then allow yourself to let last year go and open your arms with joy, excitement, and curiosity for the new year's journey ahead)

Reflection Practice End (Breathe and Smile)


Reflection is a powerful tool if used correctly.  The key here is to turn every experience had into a lesson where growth can develop, and wisdom sharpened. 


Well, I hope you all enjoyed this step back into last year :) The takeaway is that life provides us with endless opportunities to learn and grow. Through reflection, you can gain more from your past than ever imagined simply by looking back with gratitude. 


Reflect and be Grateful!


Till next time!


This is Julian with Noonday Star Coaching  

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