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Simplicity's Bliss

Simplicity in thought

Simplicity in action

Simplicity in form

Simplicity in space

The moment that the present is embraced

Is the moment for simplicity to be born

A focused eye

A cunning heart

A steady hand

A patient soul

Simple moments hold precious power

In this life, simplicity is found in the subtle smile

In the dead of night

In the crack of dawn

In the height of noon

In the colors of a setting sun

Simple beauty is simply stunning

With its simple rustic glow and quiet commitment to peace, dreams are bound to play

To be in this moment

To hold those, you love dear

To breathe through a smile

To feel life flowing freely

True love is woven in the moments of unspoken

As each new day dawns, simplicity’s bliss is awoken


Well, I hope you enjoyed this simple poem :) Life is about finding balance within the complexities of our world. Simplicity in all aspects of our life helps render bliss in each moment.

Take care!

Have a beautiful Life!

This is Julian with Noonday Star Coaching

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