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Stars are so Beautiful

I spent quite a bit of time stargazing over the weekend, and I can tell that it is something worth making a habit.

Ironically spending time looking up in the nighttime heavens is extremely grounding. It brings me to a place of calm. I guess I could say it conjures a sense of being back in the womb or wrapped in the arms of your one true love. Safe and loved. We all want to feel safe and loved.

If you are experiencing anything in your life that is difficult or just want to enrich your life, take time out of your evening to look up into the dazzling night sky. Spend at least half an hour looking up and try to gain a relationship with the stars you see. It is therapeutic as well as fun!

Stargazing is an activity you can do alone, with other stargazers, or with those you love.

Stargazing 101:

1) Set your intentions.

2) Dressed for the weather and have means of keeping bugs off if that is an issue.

3) Have a blanket to lay on so you can look up into the heavens comfortably from your back.

4) Relax, be patient, and enjoy the cosmic wonders above.


It is very powerful to remember that we are a miracle. Our very existence on this planet is mind-blowing! It is wild that Earth just so happens to be in the perfect place in space with the perfect elements to create and sustain life.

Whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed, I tell myself, “I am living on a drifting rock with a forcefield around it within the infinite expanses of space.” That phrase almost always clears my head and puts everything into a much grander perspective. No matter what is happening on this planet, we are all floating on a rock in space.

We are all part of infinity, so let's acknowledge it for a moment each night by connecting with the stars.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this twinkle of a post :) What I want you all to take from this is that it is important to look at the stars. We have limited time on this Earth, so take advantage of its wonders. If you can spend hours watching a screen you can spend at least thirty minutes enjoying the stars. It is good for your mind, body, and soul.

Make eye contact with a planet tonight!

Till next time!

This is Julian with Noonday Star Coaching

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