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The Heart Within is Worth Opening...Then, Infinity May Live!

Hello again! Last week I briefly mentioned the possibility of writing about “Open-mindedness”, but I was thinking this over and thought it may be more interesting to write about “Open heartedness”. I have personally heard a lot more about open-mindedness than I have open heartedness, so here we are. Let’s have a little heart to heart!

To start things off I want to talk about the physical anatomy and function of the heart. As a nurse the human body fascinates me! It is so masterfully crafted and extremely adaptable.

Now, let’s briefly dive into the physical heart. Here we go! Simply put, the heart is a massively strong muscle having crazy endurance and four hollow chambers within it. The right side of the heart receives unoxygenated blood from the body via the vina cava and then pumps it to the lungs through the only outflowing vessel that carries unoxygenated blood, (the pulmonary artery). Then, that blood gets all full of oxygen in the lungs. After being oxygenated in the lungs the blood flows to the left side of the heart via the pulmonary veins. The left side of the heart then pumps the oxygen-rich blood out through the aorta and into all the vital organs and everything else that needs blood in the body. Again, this is a very simple description of the heart’s functional anatomy with several missing elements. I will not go deeper with this, although I could, but this is not an anatomy class :)

Well, hope that was not too boring for you :) I wanted to scratch the physical aspect of the heart for but just a moment before diving into the energetic, spiritual, and intuitive powers of an open heart and the root cause of a heart’s energetic closure.

With that said, the heart is so much more than a ball of muscle, nerves, valves, and blood. It is a doorway into all that is in this human experience! The heart holds love’s light in constant motion with an ever-present knowledge of where it has been, where it is, and where it is going. There is a disconnect with this wisdom though, somewhere in our development we lose the connection to our open heart. Unfortunately, the door often slams shut. Then, locks, chains, bars, and even walls are commonly constructed to the point where any ounce of openness ends up becoming lost in the energetic splinters, chains, twisted metal, and mortar of our “conditioning”. This is not entirely true in all cases though, but many people do struggle with opening their hearts, including myself. Childhood conditioning from parents, siblings, friends, school, and society plays a big factor in the heart’s energetic closure and is often at the root of the issue.

The key here (no pun intended) is to reconnect with your inner heart wisdom at a subconscious level. At the subconscious level work can be done when conscious neural repatterning/habit changing behaviors are introduced into your everyday life. Like little ninjas these conscious behavior changes start slicing away thick old neural fibers that are linked to malignant childhood conditioning. I use the word “malignant” here because not all conditioning from childhood is bad, but there are some things that happen during childhood that can make opening your heart difficult and the removal or at least the understanding and then gentle releasing of these old patters is crucial in the reopening of a closed heart.

Opening the closed heart is no easy task, but with awareness and conscious effort in changing old habits the subconscious mind will begin connecting with the heart once again, opening the doorway to infinity. Here, my friends, is where the magic happens! This is where possibilities in life become limitless! You will know where you have come from, you will know where you are, and you will know where you are going! The energy of an open heart will engulf you in peace allowing for all that is good to begin flowing abundantly your way. The ticket here is self-love. Opening the heart has but one prerequisite. SELF LOVE!

Self-love is of utmost importance in the achievement of open heartedness. This process of truly loving yourself manifests in speaking kindly to yourself, motivating yourself, and positively encouraging yourself daily. An open heart is only receptive to that which is good and to open your heart and keep it open you must practice self-love. When you make the conscious decision to love yourself a ripple of sorts will be sent out into the world that will then begin interacting with everything and everyone in it. Your relationships will richen, your life will become more purposeful!

Open heartedness is the vessel that holds love for life and all that is within it. The path is not easy, but the reward is endlessly worth it.

You will notice a shift when your heart begins to open, and that shift will undoubtedly be noticed by those you love.

Now a quote from Leo Buscaglia’s 1982 book “Living, loving, and Learning”:

“When I love you and you love me, we’re like each other’s mirror, and in reflecting in each other’s mirror we see infinity.” (pg. 159)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this hearty post!

Till next time!

This is Julian from NoondayStarCoaching


Buscaglia, L. (1982). Living, loving & learning. (S. Short, Ed.). C.B. Slack.

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