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The Inner Voice is Silent, but like a Warrior, it is Strong

It’s another beautiful day on planet Earth! Breathe it all in and smile because life is a true miracle!

This time around I want to write about something that I think is extremely important. That something is our “inner voice”. I’m not talking about thoughts here; I am talking about intuition. You know…that silent feeling that comes up from time to time…when faced with any of the myriad of difficult or not so difficult situations life throws our way. The choices can sometimes become overwhelming, but deep down we know what the right thing to do, say, or not to do and say is.

In this very moment as I type the silent inner voice is telling me to write poetry…


Inner Voice

The inner voice Silent in expression Building up as moments pass Moments full of question Moments charged with emotion The inner voice speaks Through feelings Subtle messages Only welcome With the choice to listen


The Warrior’s Voice Within

In the thunderclap of chaotic wisdom stands a silent warrior. Measured by peace and honored in love, this silent warrior is a mountain of a being. Stones of fear crumble into dust as this stoic figure steps ever so quietly on the path to serenity within the kingdom of whispers. Beyond the gate of the mind lay a twisted bramble wall entrapping a heart so pure. Unshrouded by a clouded mind or hidden heart the silent warrior stands with power causing bramble walls to whither and fall. Without a voice the silent warrior calls out with a soundless frequency tuned to that of love and smiles. Then, with strength and wisdom of a God YOU speak! YOU act! YOU are in a sense finally authentically YOU! You begin speaking up for what is right and start doing what your inner voice or silent warrior has urged you to do for so, so long. You become FREE! You become RAW! YOU become YOU!


Well folks! Hope you enjoyed this creative writing blurb of a post :) So the moral of this story is that the inner voice is a powerful tool and an ever-present energy that we can tap into any time we want. All it takes is a little practice slowing down and really listening to what that inner voice is telling you. Have you ever had a hunch or gut feeling about something that could be life changing? Chances are it was your inner voice or silent warrior urging you toward your destiny.

Till next time!

This is Julian with Noonday Star Coaching

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