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Transformation is a Choice

Something has occurred to me recently. That something is the realization that our entire life course is a direct representation of the choices we make in each moment of every day. The choices in one day are many and vary astronomically. Some choices may be as simple as what time you decide to wake up in the morning or as complicated as your response to a difficult and emotionally charged event. Regardless of the type or how many choices there are in each day the fact of the matter here is that life is a choice and how you experience that life is up to you.

When the time comes to take control of your choices a total transformation is bound to follow.

Well then, what are the choices you need to make to live an extraordinary life full of transformation?

The answer is usually simple and hard all at the same time. The difficulty arises because we may find ourselves in locked patterns of behaving, reacting, and living. These patterns are our habits. Habits are shaped by choice. They can also be reshaped and unshaped by choice as well. Simply put, the easy part is that we usually know habits that hold us back or no longer serve us. The hard part is taking action to change bad habits into useful ones.

If you want a transformation to take place implement a few of the tips below:

· When faced with options in life choose those that feed you. Disregard those that drain you.

· Develop nurturing sleeping and waking routines that bolster your mind, body, and soul.

· Smile often and gain inspiration from those who are massively successful.

· Do some form of intentional rigorous exercise for at least 10 to 15 minutes per day.

· Sit and visualize your ideal self and feel your life transforming before your very eyes.

Transformation takes work and dedication. It also takes a lot of willpower especially when choices get hard. For example, “Do I get up at the crack of dawn to stretch, deep breathe, and visualize a successful day unfolding, or do I push snooze and catch a few more Zs because I feel so comfy and warm in my bed?” Pick the first one because the harder choice is often the one that is in line with the path toward your total transformation.

It will be super hard at times to break old habits, but little by little it will get easier and before you know it you will gain a new perspective on life. Pushing snooze is feeding into the habit of not showing up for yourself. When you break that habit, you will look back and realize that pushing snooze on your phone or alarm clock is in fact pushing snooze on your life. WAKE UP! No one can transform yourself for you! No one is stopping you! Make the choice! Take the plunge! Enjoy the ride! Even when things are hard, enjoy every drop of life you are given because it is all you have.

"Choice" is a human gift. Choose wisely and your life will amaze you. Choose poorly and your life may struggle. The choice is yours. Your total transformation is just a few choices away from becoming a reality. Your potential self is always with you. When you finally make the choices that align with your potential self you will then make a beeline toward an inevitable transformation. You are an awesome human being who is nothing but raw potential!

Your level of transformation is limitless. It is only limited by you. No one else. You. So, make the choice to do the “difficult” each day until the “difficult” becomes the “effortless”. Then, smile and embrace your journey as an endless path of continual transformation housed within every beautiful nanosecond of every beautiful day.


Well folks, hope your choice to read this post served you well :) The moral of this bit of words is to ring in the fact that your life is a direct result of your choices and that no one is in control of that but you. When you choose to transform the path can be difficult, but the rewards are infinite.

Take care!

Till next time!

This is Julian with Noonday Star Coaching

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