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Twelve is the Answer

Hey there! It’s a beautiful day! Let’s have a little fun! I am going to write twelve positive mantras/phrases that will brighten your mood and make life even that much brighter :)

Now, when you read these phrases try to conjure an emotional sensation that is powerful enough to flood your body because it is the feeling you get from the words that truly matters here.

Let’s go!!

· I smile as I wake up in the morning because life is a gift and a blessing worth smiling for.

· I feel good inside and out.

· I am a unique individual with gifts that brighten my life and the lives of those around me.

· I am present in each moment because this is my beautiful life, no matter the circumstances.

· There is more kindness in the world than not. We are here to help one another thrive.

· I am calm and open to life’s adventures.

· I am loving and kind and I can help others by simply smiling.

· I am Love and I am Light.

· I hold ancient wisdom in my heart and that wisdom is love.

· I am capable of anything; I can live my wildest dreams!

· I am worthy, I am capable, and I am AWESOME!

· I am confident, happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Well, hope you enjoyed the positivity of this simple post :) The point here is that words are powerful, especially the words we say to ourselves. Take time out of your day to say kind, loving, and powerful phrases about yourself, others, and the world you live in. This life is all we have, so make the best of it!

Smile with your eyes daily!

Till next time!

This is Julian from Noonday Star Coaching

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