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Waking up on the "Wrong" Side of the Bed May Actually be a Good Thing

The day-to-day hustle and bustle of life is often tiring. At the end of a busy day our bed begins to call our name. Sleep is crucial for everyone, especially when you are actively working on changing old patterns that are no longer serving you.

Have you ever heard anyone say, "I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning."? Well, I'm sure that person did not literally wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but it is most often tied to expressing a bad mood or negative sensation in the mind or body.

What if I was to tell you that making the conscious decision to sleep on a different or "wrong" side of the bed can have positive impacts on your wellbeing and even aid in creating new neural pathways. Interesting, very interesting indeed, one may think after reading this.

Think about it this way, you are a creature of habit and the more you do something the less you have to think about it. The neural pathways toward doing a specific task or thinking a specific thought become so engrained that it becomes automatic. This automatic nature of habits is what drives us through life. Unfortunately, many of our habits are often outdated or harmful to our overall wellbeing, but we continue doing the same thing over and over, not ever having to think about it until one day we step back and wonder why things are not changing.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” — Albert Einstein

Where does sleeping on the opposite side of the bed come in? Well, changing your life means changing even the smallest details of a daily routine. Switching up where you sleep activates your brain like tuning on a light switch in a dim room. When the brain is experiencing something new it is like, "Wait a minute! This is different and different is scary, but I am interested in this difference, show me more!”

Have you ever traveled to a new country? You notice all sorts of things! This is because your brain is out of its normal habitual life. Then, you get back home, and you get in the groove of your usual routine and miss out on all the beauty that is in your very backyard or sitting across the table from you. This is not how it has to be though. Everyday can be looked upon with fresh eyes.

The moral of this story is that switching up your routine is good for you. It helps your old thick neural pathways get less attention therefore aiding in their eventual closure. With less focus on the old pathways there is more time for newer and fresher pathways to grow and solidify. So, try sleeping on the opposite side of the bed from time to time or do something random and new and think of it as a good stretching session for your brain. It's good for you and it's good for the world.

Hope you enjoyed this little tidbit of a post! :)

Till next time.

This is Julian from NoondayStarCoaching

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