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When Vulnerability Calls, Pick Up!

A recent event has allowed old wounds to come to the surface for me and with them, they have brought a message from a place of vulnerability.

I am currently on a massive inner and outer journey toward actualizing my wildest dream. That dream is personal freedom. I had no idea though that starting a private life coaching practice would shake me to the very core of my being! Since starting this journey old patterns of fear and self-doubt have shifted into hyperdrive!

Have you ever been faced with so much change that you question your entire existence? Well, if you have, get ready to experience some major growth when you make the conscious choice to keep going. Be vulnerable, let go, and embrace the metamorphosis!

Vulnerability is scary! Just imagine being a hermit crab without a shell surrounded by seagulls. That’s how vulnerability can feel! There is such strength and power and bravery within it though. When you step out of your shell or allow protective walls to fall you essentially are exposing your true self to others. Scary! You may be scared out of your mind when first being truly vulnerable with others, but with this vulnerability, you are paving a bridge between humanity and your true self. Powerful! What a release it is to be yourself! When you fear being judged or questioned or made a fool of, be vulnerable and let all the emotions and fears flood into you like a massive tempest of inner wonder and growth.

The recent event that triggered my sense of vulnerability involved calling a potential client. For some reason, I was so scared to call this client that I ended up calling them three times in a row leaving one incomplete message and a final nerve-filled message after that. I felt so worked up about this phone call that it made me realize something. It is not that I am scared to make a phone call. I fear being vulnerable. One of my old wounds involves vulnerability and the idea that if I am vulnerable, I will get hurt or be judged or made a fool of, or rejected. As a nurse, I did not have to practice personal vulnerability because I was acting in the role of a nurse, but as a coach, I must connect at a different level with people. That level of vulnerability to me has been eye-opening.

I am challenging old patterns and learning to be vulnerable with the process and other humans. It is nerve-wracking to be vulnerable! That is why everyone has walls. It feels safe. It feels familiar. It feels comfortable. Unfortunately, there is no growth there. Stagnation hides behind the walls of “comfort”. Get crazy! jump the wall into the mote of vulnerability! Swim with the alligators of change and then climb out the other side confidently knowing that you are, accomplished, alive, and truly living your wildest dreams!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this vulnerable post :) The moral of this story is that vulnerability is scary, but with vulnerability comes greatness beyond measure.

Take care!

Till next time!

This is Julian with Noonday Star Coaching

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